Ukraine is now  living its hardest times!

And Albion Aid Foundation, which has been helping children for 5 years, cannot stay aside.

We will help children, Ukrainians, the wounded and all those affected by the war!

We ask those who care, as well as our international partners and donors, to support us in these difficult times.

Humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine

On this website one can find out how to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine

Our country is in trouble. Russia started a war against us, and while we are defending our country, we need humanitarian support

Many of the usual supply chains are now unavailable. But we urgently need medicines, food rations, blankets, and other humanitarian assistance.

This is a joint initiative of Ukrainian BusinessMen Andrew Stark, Oleksandr Barannik, Kyrylo Okynevsky, Scerbina Irina, Sergey Scerbina,

We have opened a warehouse in Brentford, UK to which you can send any cargo that will help people or donate

Glory to Ukraine!

Our fund is accepting donations to purchase medicines and other essential humanitarian products in Europe. All humanitarian aid will be delivered to regions that need it the most.