Our story

“Pay it forward”

Do you remember this movie? My story started almost exactly like that. An old Jew was very kind to me and had lent me a substantial sum of money for my wedding. “I am not asking for the money back, “ – he said. “But promise me to help three more people when you become rich”.

These words have been stuck with me ever since. In fact, life has been always generous to me and gave me a lot of opportunities to help people. I was blessed to save a child’s life suffering from an epileptic shock, and we are still in touch with her. No words can describe that feeling when you are gifted with an ability to save someone’s life. I am still deeply touched by it. There were many things that happened since and many people I helped, until one day I had a clear realization. I wanted to help as many people I could. And I could not do it alone.

With the help of my dear friends and business partners Oleksandr and Irina we set up a charitable organization which aim was to help all vulnerable children. This is how Albion Aid Foundation was born.

Oleksandr’s story of bravery and kindness is exceptional. Having fought for his wife’s life during Tsunami, saving lives of the innocent while on a military service he always offered a helping hand to those in need.

Irina has always been an example of kindness and compassion. The result of her hard work and kind heart has emerged in a happy child that is in his first year of school. Having had numerous operations he initially had very little chance to live. She played the role of his guardian angel and now she has become his godmother.

I believe that one of the most precious gifts one can ever give to a human is the gift of time. Time to live their life to the full, in great health and spirit. Albion Aid Foundation is a living proof of this belief.

Our actions define our future.

Let’s create our future on the basis of constant kindness and compassion.

Yours faithfully,
Andrew Stark