Our mission

is to help the most vulnerable segments of the population

We believe in a World where kindness is the common language that unites our hearts.

We want to provide support to all vulnerable children to give them a chance of life, give them strength and the opportunity of a fulfilled future.

We want to connect individuals that share our values so that they can be part of the community.

Our values are represented by the 4Cs:

Each and every single one of us can contribute in their own way towards helping children. No matter how big or small, we are stronger when we are united.

We believe that empathy is what should drive the World.


We always commit to be by the side of those we are supporting long term, for as long as they need us. We strive to constantly develop ourselves, our approach and the ways we can help.

We want to see people united by a common cause. Our doors are always open for any like-minded individuals.