Our team

Andrew Stark

Founder and Trustee.

Having always felt the need to help vulnerable individuals in the society, Andrew founded Albion Aid Foundation in 2017 and plays an active role in the organization.

Andrew’s primary duties encompass strategic leadership, ensuring the successful execution of the business plan, providing support to staff, and collaborating with partners. He possesses expertise in leadership and its development, strategic management, partnership cultivation, and project design and development.

Oleksandr Barannik

Founder and Trustee.

In addition to serving as a trustee, Oleksandr’s role involves assisting in guaranteeing that the Albion Aid Foundation can successfully execute its ambitious initiative to impact people’s lives positively. As the founder and trustee, he adopts a comprehensive perspective when it comes to organizing, allocating resources, and managing risks within the organization’s operations.

Irina Scerbina

Trustee and Chief Economist.

Irina has over 25 years’ experience in accounting, auditing and consulting. She specializes in multi-national taxation, advises both corporations and private clients on planning, capital management and taxation. She is a member Albion Aid Foundation’s board of trustees and also heads the financial and analytical department. She also consults her own private clients on accounting and tax matters.