All children in the whole World are waiting for St. Nicholas Day much more than their birthday. Because on birthday they blow candles and for St. Nicholas day, they do some mysterious things, such as writing letters about their dreams, waiting that parents would say: “You were a good child during the year and you will get instead a present what you want” and the process of waiting presents began. Such a mysterious night.

Unfortunately not all the children have families, and some of them understand this. But all of them believe in a miracle, believe in St. Nicholas. During 2018-2019, Albion Aid Foundation supports Regional child house №3 which is situated in Ukraine, city Kharkov and we are very glad to be their St Nicholas. Were bought pampers for all children in need, hygienic items, books, fruits and sweets.

Thanks all the sponsors and volunteers who took part in this project.Together we are a part of big changes. We help children and do it with love.