Tykutsky Oleksiy

Lesha’s mother Alla has lived for 10 years in constant fear for  her son’s life . Alla had a difficult pregnancy, doctors suspected heart problems, and sure enough, Alla’s most terrible fears were confirmed , her son Lesha was born withheart disease. A series of cardiograms and ultrasoundsdiagnosed an abnormality called Ebstein’s anomaly. Ebstein’s anomaly is a very rare congenital heart disease which occurs in around 1% of all congenital malformations of the heart.

At that time, the Tykutsky family lived in Russia and later they moved to Chernivtsi in Ukraine, but doctors convinced the family to delay the operation.

At the age of 9, Lesha was increasingly weak, with a purulent sore throat, and tachycardia, an excessively fast heart rate.. Lesha’s parents grew more and more concerned by his deteriorating condition. Lesha’s parents took him to hospital where they were  urged not to delay the operation. In May 2018, surgeons at the Amosova National Institute of Cardiovascular surgery insisted on surgical intervention. Fortunately, the Albion Aid Foundation were able to help with financial support and the operation was successful.

Lesha’s parents  are overjoyed, having prayed for their son’s health for Lesha can at last dream of living a full life and becoming an artist.