Moysuk Pavlo

Pavlik is not even month old .but his short life has been spent inside hospitals and in operating theatres.

At birth Pavlik’s parents were given a terrible diagnosis: a transposition of the main arteries, where the aorta and pulmonary artery are connected to the wrong ventricles. This congenital malformation is one of the most severe and most common heart defects, and can be accompanied by cyanosis, where the skin turns bluish or purple because of the low oxygen saturation. Its frequency is between 12 to 20% of all congenital heart defects. In the first days of life babies can appear quite normal but after a few days the heart begins to grow in size.

It was imperative that Pavlik underwent an operation lasting  7 hours. The surgeons  left Pavlik’s chest cavity open just in case they needed to intervene further. Pavlik’s heart was simply too big for his chest before the surgery. Fortunately, the operation was successful and Pavlik has already been taken off  life support.

Now Pavlik is recovering well at home. The doctors are hopeful  that the only reminder of his heart defect ill be a scar on his chest, but he will otherwise live a healthy life.

Pavlik’s mum will be eternally grateful for the help and support she received , because her family did not have enough money for the operation. — Thanks to the Albion Aid Foundation and all the good people who have donated, because of them my little boy survived. May God protect you all.

We are so grateful to all our donors and the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery.

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