We continue to tell you about the children, who were saved due to the help of Albion Aid Foundation ♥

Karina Dyatko, a small, year and a half baby with a severe heart disease …

A baby and a happy mother were let go home for a few days, and only later, after five months, the pediatrician noticed a cautious discrepancy – heart murmurs . The doctors of the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after M. M. Amosov insisted on urgent examination in Kyiv/Kiev, which revealed the terrible defect – partial abnormal drainage of pulmonary veins. This is a congenital defect. The pulmonary veins, which should be attached to the left atrium, fell to the right. The operation was scheduled to be done in a year.

All this time Karina’s mother prayed, that her daughter’s heart be held up until autumn. Due to lack of money Karina’s parents were desperate and Albion Aid Foundation agreed to pay the cost of supplies needed for her surgery’s supplies.