She was born with four defects in her small heart with miserable chance to survive. But even despite the disappointing prognosis, she catched this chance and didn’t lose it. Darynka is ten months now, and we are very hopeful that this small beauty is going to live a long and fulfilling life.

We continue to tell you about the children who were helped by”ALBION AID FOUNDATION”. So, please get acquainted with our next lucky baby – Darynka Kondratyuk.

Albion Aid Foundation paid for medication for surgery, which were necessary for Darynka. She has been operated and her life is not in danger now. She was discharged from the hospital and finally at home with two brothers and loving parents. Kondratyuk family thanks to everyone who was involved in their daughter’s rescue.

We want to say one more time, that there are approximately 5 000 children born every year in Ukraine with congenital heart diseases . They need us. That need our support.