When Natalie found out that she was pregnant, she immediately informed the father of the child. However, he replied to her that he did not need a child and offered the woman to have an abortion. Then the pregnant girl realized that she had no trust in anyone except her mother, who was her only closest person. Her mom reassured the daughter and told that the child was a gift from God and they would manage to give her everything that child can need.

So the pregnancy was passing. Suddenly, after 5 months at the ultrasound doctors saw a baby’s heart defect. The future mother did not believe that the baby had a heart problem, so she went for the survey to Uzhgorod city hospital, but there the doctor confirmed the sad diagnosis. In the cop in the doctor’s office grandmother asked if the child would live. But the doctor was silent. And Natalie could no longer imagin her future without her little girl.

Natalia gave birth to a child, the girl was born quickly and without complications. Immediately, after childbirth, my mother said that the baby’s surgery should not be delayed. The girl had a Tetrado Fallo diagnosis. From Mukachevo city hospital Natalia was sent to the Amosov Institute and when the girl was 2 months old, she was taken to the survey. However, the doctors postponed the surgery for up to 6 months because a girl was very small. When they arrived at the Institute in 6 months, after the survey, the girl made her first operation – an anastomotic Bloc, and reported that the next – a year later.

And finally, when Viktoria was already 3 years old, she was brought back to Kiev. The operation passed successfully and in a few days the child was transferred from the intensive care unit to the children’s department. However, the girl still needs time to rehab.

Victoria is a very smart and unswerving girl. She likes to spend time with her grandmother, constantly goes with her for shopping at the store and at the bazaar while her mother is working. Vicky does not even have shortness of breath, she looks like a healthy baby. Grandma loves her only grandchild. She calls her a gentle bun, donut and dreams, so that she grows up healthy and happy child.

Thanks to the ALBION AID FOUNDATION Vicky will grow healthy to the indescribable joy of her mom and grandmother. You can also join to help children in need. And there is no small help. You either help or not ….