Ivanko is only half year old and he is the fourth child in the family. His mother along with the three older children, were expecting the birth of a little one – Ivanko. His mother Zina is a single mother, there is no father in the family … Soon after the baby was born and the doctors became silent. Zina saw, that something was wrong with the child: there were 6 fingers on one of his hands. And yet – a defect of the upper lip and palate …

In 4.5 months, when the weight of the child was more than 6 kg, mother and a child came to Mukachevo hospital again. Preparation for the operation on “cleft palate” began. It was necessary to pass analyzes and to go through a lot of surveys. Everything was going well, just until the heart ultrasound . As result of the ultrasound, Ivanko has a hole in his heart … Operation on the face is impossible, while he has this defect in his heart. The cardiologist immediately wrote a referral to Amosov Institute.

Fortunately, everything went well, the membrane defect was eliminated with the help of Amosov Institute. Now boy is recovering after the operation and waiting when it will be possible to do surgery on his face … His mom hopes that everything will be fine and soon her little Ivanko will live a fullfilling life.
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